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HermitixA lively hour of conversation about collapse and occultism. Have a listen here

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The Conspiracy Bool Another podcast interview with JMG, this time on Jim Harold's Conspiracy Corner podcast. The theme, of course, is the history of secret societies, with reference to JMG's new book The Conspiracy Book. You can listen to it online here

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Jim KunstlerSomething to keep yourself entertained on these cold winter nights...

James Howard Kunstler and me on his podcast, talking about politics, culture, and imaginative fiction. We always have great conversations and this one was even better than usual -- I think we barbecued a good-sized herd of sacred cows. You can listen to the conversation or download it here
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Emerge Podcast logoMore raw meat for podcast fans! 

I recently appeared on Daniel Thorson's podcast Emerge, to talk about the Kek Wars and the role of magic in the 2016 US election. It was a good lively conversation and covered some fascinating ground. If you're interested, you can take it in here. 
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Infinite Path logoI recently appeared (again) on Niles Heckman's podcast An Infinite Path to talk about the nature of consciousness, the universe as mind, the New Thought movement, and a great deal more along similar lines. It was a good lively conversation; those who are interested can have a listen here
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It's been a while since I last posted one of my podcasts -- I know, forgetful of me. Yesterday afternoon I spent an hour and a half or so having a great conversation with Niles Heckman of An Infinite Path; you can download it for free here.  
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I suspect a good many of my readers will recall last year's lively conversation, hosted by the Center for Progressive Urban Politics, featuring me, James Howard Kunstler, Chris Martenson, Frank Morris, and Dmitry Orlov. Kevin Lynn, the host and organizer of that event, recently had me as a guest on his podcast for a very wide-ranging discussion. It's now available for listening and download. Enjoy! 
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Me and fellow peak oil pundit James Howard Kunstler spending an hour talking about a recent Ecosophia post of mine, Hate is the New Sex, and much more! Listen to it here.
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Me talking with the irrepressible Greg Moffitt about what comes after the accelerating decline and impending fall of industrial civilization. Cheery stuff, granted, but livened up with dollops of deindustrial science fiction, among other things. Check it out:
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Me chatting with fellow Freemason Chris George Zuger on my new book The Coelbren Alphabet, the new Aeon Books reprint of my translation of Gerard Thibault's Academy of the Sword, and just about anything else that comes to mind. Check it out:
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Me chatting about my fiction with host "Sully" Sullivan of The Podcaste, a DC-area podcast -- a pleasant conversation with someone who's as much of a fraternal order geek as I am (we met at a Masonic meeting, if that tells you anything). Check it out:


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