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Celebrate National Tell a Story Day with your Google Assistant

National Tell a Story Day is coming up this weekend (April 27th), and my day is already completely booked with plans to curl up on the couch and read with my kids. The Google Assistant is also getting in on the literary action: starting today, Tell Me a Story is available in English on your Android or iOS phone in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and India.

Whether you’re on the way to school drop-off or waiting for soccer practice to start, you can hear stories like “Let’s Be Firefighters!” (Blaze and the Monster Machines), “Robot Rampage” (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and more. To get started, just say, “Hey Google, tell me a story.” If you’re trying to get the kids ready for bed after a long day, try, “Hey Google, tell me a bedtime story.” You’ll need to have the latest version of Google Play Books for Android or iOS installed to listen to all of these great stories.

Families in the U.S. can also make storytime a little more magical with a feature called read along, available on Google Home smart speakers (Home, Mini, Max and Hub). The Assistant brings stories to life with sound effects as you read select Disney Little Golden Books aloud, like “Coco,” “The Three Little Pigs,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “Cinderella,” “Peter Pan,” and “Toy Story 3”—my daughter’s personal favorite. To try it out, just grab one of the compatible books and say, "Hey Google, let's read along" and the Assistant will ask you which book you’d like to read. Another great reading option is “Ara the Star Engineer”: Authored by my colleague Komal Singh, the book inspires young children to explore the magic of STEM by highlighting themes like courage, creativity, coding and collaboration. Just say “Hey Google, read along with Ara the Star Engineer.” With their parent's permission, children under 13 can also have their own personalized Google Assistant experience when they log in with their own account, powered by Family Link.

And if you’re looking for more ways to get your family excited about reading together, consider asking your Assistant to read an audiobook on Google Play. Just make sure to log into your Google Play Books account and say, “Hey Google, read Charlotte’s Web,” or any audiobook title, and you’ll hear a free sample if you don’t already own the audiobook. Ready to start listening? Check out some family favorites available for download:

Audiobooks are available on the Assistant in English in the U.S., Australia, Canada and Great Britain, in addition to German and Japanese. You can pause, resume or skip forward or backward in your audiobook just by using your voice. Test it out by saying, “Hey Google, read my book,” to resume your place, or ask, “Hey Google, skip to the next chapter.”

No matter where or how you or your kids choose to read or listen to a book, the Google Assistant can help out at storytime.

Google Assistant feature Tell Me a Story is now available on mobile
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Zahran Hashim founded a mosque and is accused of leading the group of bombers who killed more than 350 people.


Apr. 25th, 2019 05:42 am
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 Stefan Dimitrescu: Ploughing

The school of irony allows me an outlook on my life that minimizes (though doesn't exterminate) my desire to to make the world make sense to me.

Mike and I have been currently bantering back and forth concerning the antics of the three branches of government and the almost universal unsuitability of the denizens thereof.  I find this amusing and a pleasant pastime.  Target rich environments of cupidity and moral ambiguity such as current day Washington DC are hard to find outside of the Ancien Régime and Czarist Russia.

But I am not at all certain that, other than honing our cranky old man cred, this activity serves any useful purpose.  Truthfully, as Mike stated so clearly:

I appreciate your good-natured rebuttal to my smart-ass analogy. You and I are unreachable to Russian interference because we are above it; those fucking bastards. What is apparent now however, is that we are both prejudiced to some degree. This leaves it to me to explain how your extreme prejudice is worse than my nearly nonexistent prejudice.

I think that this is what the entire process has boiled down to.  Truthfully at this point, we are merely sitting around bitching and waiting for what come next and what comes next doesn't look at all good.  So I think that I am going to spend a little while peering forward.  The current discussion concerning the fuckwad at 1600 Pennsylvania isn't getting me anywhere.  The current state of political discussion here in the land of the free is not forward looking.  It is all about assigning blame for the past.

So expect a lot here about lifestyles and how to live a good life outside the failing political system that Mike and I have been bitching about.  

FFA DW Post 1074 - Placeholder

Apr. 25th, 2019 03:10 pm
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- No deliberate variant fonts and no emoji in thread titles. You can use them in the comment, but not in the title.
- Only one catch-all 'Disruptive and Provocative Opinions' thread is allowed per post.
- All US Politics must stick to one thread and that thread must be clearly labelled as such.
- The 6500 comment limit is now permanent; 'which topics belong on main meme' wank remains banned.

All the [community profile] fail_fandomanon Rules and Information (and Ban Requests): https://fail-fandomanon.dreamwidth.org/1076.html. The short version: no embeds, don't out people's real names, don't be that much of an asshole, body fluids are off topic, Mods reserve the right to freeze, screen, and delete the fuck out of stuff. FFA discussion covers a wide variety of topics and has a very flexible view of 'fandom' that includes politics, current events, and cooking techniques. FFA is a Choose NOT to Warn experience. Meme away.

Other posts and resources relevant to your interests:

NB: Meme rules do not require spoiler cuts/white-text/etc. Though, if you want to use spoiler cuts, a wonderful nonnie found a way to add them to DW. Just use the code below.
<div tabindex="-1"><b>spoiler title</b><div>Some spoilery content.</div></div>
See here for a detailed explanation and caveats.

If you would like to be banned to avoid anonfailing please leave a comment at the rules post here: https://fail-fandomanon.dreamwidth.org/1076.html

Next post: Will open when this post hits 6500 comments
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Dememe flatview emulator is at http://dememe.info/flat_view (same login as the regular Dememe info above).

UK Politics & Brexit discussion should go in one top-level thread that's clearly named, same as with US Politics.

All discussion of sexual assault and rape culture in media should go in one thread.

101 Update

Apr. 25th, 2019 08:55 am
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Progress This Week

Prepare and teach a class on magic and superstition in period
Read 3 books on magic and superstition in period
April Camp 2019
Listen to 90 other podcasts
Positive thing daily 2019
Go out 85% of the days each month in 2019

April 25, 2019

Apr. 25th, 2019 08:36 am
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The following Oncer knows this is from the S4 episode, Operation Mongoose.

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In the time of taboo

Apr. 25th, 2019 07:27 am
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Most societies have certain mores that are unspoken rules; humanity itself even has such conventions, grilled subconsciously into our minds for our own safety. Don't go out alone at night. Avoid getting wet when it's cold. Don't pick fights with those stronger than you...okay, some of us missed the boat on the last one, but the point still stands. Society's rules tend to be more variable, though they apply to most aspects of life - including sex. In fact, bending the rules on what's considered acceptable in romance and sexual encounters can lead to anything from ostracization to death, depending on the time and culture.

So, play it close to the chest if you're going to do a big, big, big t a b o o. Is it worth the risk?

- Comment with your character and preferences. Be sure to include what you want and what you DON'T WANT. Blank comments are fine; info is even better!
- Reply to others.
- Be fun and respect others, as this will deal with some heavy topics and potentially triggering material s.

trigger warning )

I was busy thinking 'bout girls

Apr. 25th, 2019 07:13 am
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This meme focuses on female/female relationships. From shy starts to sexy nights spent lost in each other, here is your chance to play out whatever femslash ship you've ever wanted. Whether it's a curiosity that's always been under the surface or a way to release tension in a less violent way, your character is now acting on a secret impulse.

Just post your character's name and any preference you might have. You can set up a scenario yourself or let the person responding choose. Please be respectful if someone isn't feeling a pairing or option you suggest!
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Build family

Apr. 25th, 2019 07:13 am
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the "Starting a Family" meme

Nature is no respecter of persons, my friends. Whether it be childhood friends, newlyweds, or one-night stands, a single decision or accident can change everything, and there will be three people instead of just two.

Congratulations! The characters in these threads and those who reply to them are now expecting babies, no matter what their unique situation may be. Of course, depending on the characters, this might go over like a lead balloon. But wait! Even if the decision to have a baby was made and was consensual, the process is no walk in the park. There is lots to do...and only nine months to do it. Nine potentially drama-filled months.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, etc.
  • Not all options here are fluffy and happy. Some are potentially angsty or possibly triggering. Tread lightly. Be sure to mention what you want and what you don't want.
  • Reply to others.
  • For this, male characters can get pregnant because why not.

Prompts and such behind here. )

Ship Prompts

Apr. 25th, 2019 06:48 am
[personal profile] enya posting in [community profile] bakerstreet

  • Leave a blank top level with your character's info and your prefs in the subject line. Or write something in the top level, I can't stop you, I'm not even your real dad.
  • Other people will leave a prompt (a quote, pic/gif, lyric, link, smoke signal, whatever) because they want to play some shippy shit with your character.
  • You tailor your reply based on their prompts.
  • It's a prompt meme, do I have to explain more?
  • Thread and be merry.

  • To link p. much anything:

    To directly embed an image into your comment (don't be a dick and embed
    nsfw or gory pictures, for real tho):

    To unleash your full prententious potential and make your quotes/lyrics
    ~a e s t h e t i c~:

    Sources for Prompts: RpVisualosities | Image Robots | The Quote of Your Life | A-Thousand-Words | The Literary Journals | A Billion Little

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Shaymaa Ismaa’eel says she posed with anti-Islam protesters to 'combat their hate with a smile'.
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Today we’re introducing several updates to Google Earth Timelapse, a global, zoomable time-lapse video that lets anyone explore the last 35 years of our changing planet’s surface—from the global scale to the local scale. This update adds two additional years of imagery to the time-series visualization, now spanning from 1984 to 2018, along with mobile support and visual upgrades to make exploring more accessible and intuitive.

Desktop and Mobile

Timelapse provides a comprehensive picture of our changing Earth—including stunning phenomena like the sprouting of Dubai’s Palm Islands, the retreat of Alaska’s Columbia Glacier and the impressive urban expansion of Las Vegas, Nevada (seen below).

Scientists, documentarians and journalists have used this dataset to help us better understand the complex dynamics at work on our planet. News outlets have brought their reporting to life with Timelapse imagery, from coverage of the floods in Houston, Texas to population monitoring. Recently, a team of scientists at the University of Ottawa published an article Nature based on the Timelapse dataset which revealed a 6,000 percent increase in landslides on a Canadian Arctic island since 1984. Starting this week, if you’re in the U.K., you can see Timelapse imagery featured in Earth From Space, a new BBC series about the incredible discoveries and perspectives captured from above. 


Zeit Online uses Timelapse to show the extent to which jungles are cleared for soy production in Brazil.

Using Google Earth Engine, Google's cloud platform for petabyte-scale geospatial analysis, we combined more than 15 million satellite images (roughly 10 quadrillion pixels) to create the 35 global cloud-free images that make up Timelapse. These images come from the U.S. Geological Survey/NASA Landsat and European Sentinel programs. Once again, we joined forces with our friends at Carnegie Mellon’s CREATE Lab, whose Time Machine video technology makes Timelapse interactively explorable.

Today's update also adds mobile and tablet support, making it a little easier for you to explore, research or get lost in the imagery—from wherever you are. Up until recently, mobile browsers disabled the ability to autoplay videos, which is critical for Timelapse (since it’s made up of tens of millions of multi-resolution, overlapping videos). Chrome and Firefox reinstated support for autoplay (with sound muted), so we’ve added mobile support with this latest update.

Timelapse Phone

Earth Timelapse, now available on phones and tablets, includes a handy new "Maps Mode" toggle to let you navigate the map using Google Maps.

The design of the new Timelapse interface leverages Material Design with simple, clean lines and clear focal areas, so you can easily navigate the immense dataset. We contributed this new user interface to the open-source Time Machine project, used by Carnegie Mellon and others. Read more about our design approach at Google Design.

We’re committed to creating products like Timelapse with the planet in mind, and hope that making this data easily accessible will ground debates, encourage discovery, and inform the global community’s thinking about how we live on our planet. Get started with Timelapse on the Earth Engine website, or take a mesmerizing tour of the world through YouTube.

Explore Google Earth Timelapse, now with new imagery and mobile support, to see the change happening to our planet’s surface over three and a half decades.
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Games are a powerful medium of creative expression, and at Google Play we’re inspired by the passion of game developers everywhere. Last year we announced the Indie Games Accelerator, a special edition of Launchpad Accelerator, to help top indie game developers from emerging markets achieve their full potential on Google Play.

Google Play | Indie Games Accelerator 2018

Our team of program mentors coached some of the best gaming talent from India, Pakistan and Southeast Asia. Thanks to the positive feedback we received around the program, we are bringing it back in 2019. Applications for the class of 2019 are now open, and we’re expanding the program to developers from select countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Selected participants will be invited to attend two all-expenses-paid gaming bootcamps at the Google Asia-Pacific office in Singapore. There, they’ll receive personalized mentorship from Google teams and industry experts. Additional benefits include Google hardware, invites to exclusive Google and industry events and more.
Indie Games Accelerator journey | MochiBits (Android Developer Story)

Howard Go, the co-founder of Mochibits LLC, talks about how the program helped him improve his game's downloads and ratings.

Head to our website to find out more about our program and apply. Applications are due May 19, 2019.

Indie Games Accelerator is a program to help independent game developers from emerging markets achieve their full potential on Google Play.

Germany needs a change

Apr. 25th, 2019 01:46 pm
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This year may mark the moment when Germany, the biggest European economy finally recognizes its own shortcomings. There's a sense that Germany is living through the last days of an old era and it needs change. Sure, the country remains politically stable. But there's a feeling that Germans are not particularly interested about the challenges to their long-term prosperity.

The waning of Merkel's power is at the center of all this. She led Germany through a series of global crises, from the 2008 downfall, to the Greek default, to the immigrant wave, and the various threats to the euro. She was an advocate for austerity, and still the German juggernaut kept going, and sustaining the stability of the whole continent. Her successor Karenbauer is still an enigma. Her biggest achievement so far has been to block an anti-Merkel candidate from taking over the HDU.

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