Med Care Pro-Tip!

Oct. 17th, 2017 06:19 pm
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When you find yourself in an uncomfortable waiting room, vomit loudly. You will be whisked to somewhere more private lickety-spit!

(Ooo, maybe not a great word choice to close THAT sentence….)

In other updates, still no diagnosis.

Weddings and Work

Oct. 16th, 2017 09:15 pm
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Weeks are going by in a blur of exhaustion, and any time I get to myself at the end of the day is interrupted by a kid that doesn't want to go to bed. I keep failing to write. Especially when I have anything interesting to say.

My cousin Amy's wedding was the weekend before last. My parents and Melissa were in town for that. Melissa had another wedding to attend in Boston this past weekend, so she stayed the week with us. Melissa was very helpful in looking after Eris, and it was a very pleasant visit.

Work is very busy, still trying to pick apart a thorny customer issue with a lot of annoying edge-case behavior.

Weather was very warm surprisingly late into October this year, but it's finally starting to get chilly.

Eristic improvements: Eating yogurt with a regular bowl and spoon unassisted, refusing to wear a bib.

Three fake holidays for 10/16

Oct. 16th, 2017 09:15 am
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Over at my main blog, I wished my readers a...

Happy National Liqueur Day! I could have also wished my readers a Happy National Dictionary Day or a Happy National Department Store Day when I wanted to take a break from recapping the News and Documentary Emmy winners, but I decided to do something easy and familiar. If my readers wish to celebrate those other days instead, they can go right ahead.

I'll wish my readers here a Happy National Dictionary Day and a Happy Happy National Department Store Day anyway.

I created a feed for my other blog

Oct. 15th, 2017 10:52 am
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Unfortunately, I didn't really know what I was doing, so I gave it the wrong name.  It's [syndicated profile] neonvincent_feed  instead of Crazy Eddie's Motie News.  Sigh.  I tried to change the name by entering the URL again and it just sent me back to the already existing feed instead of letting me set up a new one.  Live and learn.  At least it exists and any of you can subscribe to it.

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On my blog's Facebook page, I wrote the following a week ago:

Crazy Eddie's Motie News was feeling confused.*

The bot traffic, which stopped August 17th, has returned to the blog. At least I won't have to worry about making my page view goal this month (1173 page views per day for a total of 36,393 page views), but at what cost?**

*I chose confused because perplexed and paranoid weren't available on Facebook. They aren't available here, either, but at least I can write in my own choice, which is "suspicious."

**I made that page view goal on the 11th. The blog currently has 44,616 page views for October with the month less than halfway over and 53,700 for the past 30 days. As for the cost, it's wondering who or what is reading my blog and for what purpose. I can say that it's coming from inside the U.S. The Russians aren't nearly as interested as they were before the election.

help meeeee

Oct. 14th, 2017 01:15 pm
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My brother's birthday is in three days. He is asking for audiobooks. I am going to venture the guess that podcasts would also be welcome (though I suspect podfic would not). He is offering zero guidance on which ones. I have no idea what books he already owns in any format, except that he owns a very great deal of Catholic nonfiction in hardcopy, and also some Tolkien. I asked him in September to name a few genres he wants to read in or subjects he wants to be educated on so I would have a place to start. (I know Catholic theology on the "I went to Sunday school with the parish until I got confirmed" level. He knows Catholic theology on the "I have a Master's in theology from Franciscan" level.) He has not responded.

What should I get him, or recommend to him? The less money I need to spend, the better. (Though I assume pointing him at Amazon Music's $0.00 dramatic reading of the KJV is cheating.)

Happy Friday the 13th!

Oct. 13th, 2017 06:26 pm
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Can you spell triskaidekaphobia for Friday the 13th?
Nautical superstitions for U.S. Navy Birthday on Friday the 13th

(no subject)

Oct. 12th, 2017 01:10 pm
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Talk to me? Go on about anything that really interests you, or anything you think will interest me?

Just In Case…

Oct. 12th, 2017 09:28 am
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…there are any doctors reading this, do deign to listen to your patients, especially when they tell you they are in a great deal of pain.

I did not appreciate having to find another doc that could prescribe the pain killers and antibiotics I said I probably needed in the first place.

Another doc, this time in an Emergency Room.

At 1:30.


Iago is sarcastically surprised

Oct. 12th, 2017 09:20 am
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I am officially too old for fashion

Oct. 12th, 2017 06:20 pm
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Me: I'd like a pair of black bootleg jeans please
Every jean store ever: We've got slim, skinny, super skinny, skinny chinos, jeans that look like they've been mauled by rabid wolves, and jeggings
Me: any straight leg?
Jean store: All we've got are Levis and they'll cost you over a hundred bucks
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National Fossil Day

Today is National Fossil Day, exactly the kind of holiday I'd celebrate at Crazy Eddie's Motie News except that I'm in the middle of featuring the News and Documentary Emmy winners in science, space, and medicine. Maybe next year. So, I'm observing it here by sharing a video I'll get around to posting at the main blog eventually, An Asteroid Didn’t Kill the Dinosaurs, Here’s a New Theory About What Did from Seeker.

Actually, the asteroid did kill the dinosaurs, just much more indirectly than originally thought.

(no subject)

Oct. 10th, 2017 11:38 am
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*does the happy Yuletide-assignments dance*

Shannara Chronicles returns

Oct. 10th, 2017 08:12 am
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My wife and I watched the first season of "The Shannara Chronicles" when it came out on Netflix a year ago and found it surprisingly enjoyable. We've been looking forward to its return. That's tomorrow. Here's the trailer.

One of the things that the trailer makes clear is that the show takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, something I pointed out in a a comment on The Worlds That Never Were on Greer's Ecosophia blog: "It may not be immediately clear in the books, but in the opening credits and scenes of the TV series, it's explicit that the stories are set in a post-nuclear-war future where the elves, dwarves, and trolls evolved from humans in a radioactive environment and where ruins of our current civilization dot the landscape."

Watch the opening to see.

Here's to the second season being as fun to watch as the first.
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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving 2017! Also Leif Erikson Day and Native American Day

Happy Native American Day!

Happy Leif Erikson Day!
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The reason is simple. I just did. I got me a smartphone because everyone else had one and it seemed like the thing to do. Which is what basically drives technology consumption in general. Once I had it. I did just about everything it let me do. Because I could. Eventually I discovered that I was unhappy because of it. I heard that people were starting to trash their smartphones and the old non-Android (and non-Apple) "dumb" phones were making a comeback. So I bought one. Switched my number over. Adding numbers to my contacts is cumbersome, texting is nearly a waste of time, and using the stripped-down web browser is completely a waste of time. And the calls sound amazing. I was happier immediately. I informed my friends whom I used to text incessantly that I'd be communicating mainly via email. That was about an hour ago. I honestly don't think I'm going to look back. Ever. So, you can send me an email if you have my address. I won't get it until I get home to my laptop. You can give me a call if you know my number. You can drop by my house if you know where I live. And by all means, if you run into me on the street or in the store, walk over and say hello. Otherwise, my new dumb phone is flipped firmly shut.

~ Jason

Happy Wester 2017

Oct. 8th, 2017 10:31 am
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Silly Squirrels for Happy Wester 2017!
I'm single-handedly keeping alive a fake holiday called Wester, which is the first Sunday following the first Full Moon after the Autumnal Equinox... The holiday has its own animal mascot, the Wester Squirrel, which goes around and gathers goodies to hide instead of hiding goodies to pass out like the Easter Bunny.

Over at the main blog, I have videos of squirrels stealing each others' nuts and squirrels using a tactic from "The Walking Dead" to evade snakes.  Here, I have flying squirrels going for distance from National Geographic.  Hey, it's football season!

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Diabetes has turned me into a masochistic Pavlov's dog. When presented with food, instead of salivating, I have a conditioned response to stick myself with needles.

Predictions: "Battle of the Sexes" will be nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Comedy Movie. Emma Stone will be nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy Movie. Steve Carell will be nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy Movie. With three months of releases still to go, it's too early to post odds on their winning. It's also too early to make bets on their Oscar prospects.
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Nature documentary nominees are well photographed at the 2017 News and Documentary Emmy Awards
"Hummingbirds are amazing creatures to behold. They are the tiniest of birds, yet possess natural born super powers that enable them to fly backwards, upside-down, and float in mid-air. Their wings beat faster than the eye can see and the speed at which they travel makes people wonder if it was indeed a hummingbird they actually saw. They also are only found in the Americas. These attributes have both intrigued scientists and made it challenging to study the species, but with the latest high-speed cameras and other technologies, Super Hummingbirds reveals new scientific breakthroughs about these magical birds" -- Nature on PBS

'Sonic Sea,' a triple nominee, and its competitors
"Sonic Sea ( ) is a 60-minute documentary about the impact of industrial and military ocean noise on whales and other marine life. It tells the story of a former U.S. Navy officer who solved a tragic mystery and changed forever the way we understand our impact on the ocean" -- Natural Resources Defense Council.

Space, Ebola, volcanoes, stroke, and human expansion the topics of Science and Technology Documentary nominees
"On March 27, 2015, astronaut Scott Kelly began a historic year in space. Follow Scott and his identical twin Mark Kelly as the two-part program tells the story of what it takes, mentally and physically, to spend a year in space" -- PBS.

Extinction, water, astronomy, and HIV among 2017 Emmy nominees for Outstanding Science, Medical and Environmental Report
"We're entering the Earth's sixth era of extinction -- and it's the first time humans are to blame. CNN introduces you to the species that are already going" -- CNN.

'Body Team 12' and 'Extremis' both nominated for Outstanding Short Documentary plus other science, health, and environment nominees
"Body Team 12 follows a team of Liberian Red Cross workers tasked with collecting the dead during the height of the Ebola outbreak. The story is told on the ground in Monrovia, Liberia, through the eyes of the only female member of the team, who reveals the lifesaving work of removing bodies from family and loved ones in order to halt transmission of the disease" -- RYOT.

(no subject)

Oct. 6th, 2017 12:28 pm
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hey so y'all wanna spam me with pictures of your kittan? or other fuzzy or feathery smol :)


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