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Yet another book of mine to delight the hearts of fans of the Druid Revival...

I've heard the Coelbren described as "Welsh runes," and yes, they look kind of runic. They were invented by Iolo Morganwg -- yes, I also just heard the sudden gasp from the more doctrinaire end of the Celtic Reconstructionist scene -- and used for a while by Welsh bards before the Gorsedd movement succumbed to creeping respectability. A chance discovery on my part -- a reference to a medieval Welsh grammar, the Dosparth Edeyrn Dafod Aur, translated, annotated, and published by Iolo's disciple John Williams ab Ithel in 1856 -- led me to what is apparently the only surviving source on the symbolism and meanings of the Coelbren alphabet, and the result is this book. Divination, symbolism, meditation, scrying -- yep, it's all there. You can order a copy from the publisher here.

Indignant reconstructionists

Date: 2017-05-31 07:34 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hey, as I like to say about drawing stones with the Norse runes on them: it may be bad reconstructionism, but that doesn't mean it's bad divination. I could make up a valid, functional Discordian-themed divination system out of the "random entry" button at if I wanted to. I just shouldn't claim that the ancient Greek devotees of Eris used it....

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Date: 2017-06-15 09:57 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
There's a whole other take on the 'invention' of coelbren by Iolo Morganwg. Whether it was Victoria herself or Albert is a moot point but one of them became interested in the real history of Britain and became alarmed by the potential superior claims to the crown by some ancient british bloodines, mainly Cymry but Cornish too. A dramatic scenario of cultural crushing ensued, all the 'welsh' speaking teachers were removed from 'welsh' schools replaced by english speakers, the first kid who spoke 'welsh' was given a wooden block this was passed on to whoever next spoke 'welsh' whoever ended up with the block at the end of the day got thrashed. Until IIRC 1832 both the welsh and the cornish held on to their old way of naming, which consisted of naming their forbears going way back, usually until they reached someone of renown. So john ap thomas ap david and so on, usually with some brief details of which thomas, david etc.. This was stopped and everyone was forced to adopt just the name of their father as their surname, hence the paucity of surnames in 'Wales'. Iolo must have been very busy because all over the territories that formerly spoke 'welsh' [pretty much defined by the use of Avon as the name for a river] stones are still being found with coelbren inscriptions either of historical importance or signs of one of the most amazing and extensive fraud perpetuated in history, even the lemnos stele and many etruscan artifacts can be read using this alphabet.
That said you never know what you don't know so I think I'll get the book.
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