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Coelbren Alphabet book As mentioned earlier, the folks at Llewellyn have obligingly given me a set of discount codes for my backlist, one per month, 20% off if you order it directly from the Llewellyn website. For the month of July, the book on sale is The Coelbren Alphabet, my book on the traditional poetic, magical, and divinatory alphabet of the Welsh bards. ("Welsh runes" is a pretty good short description.) You can order a copy here; enter the discount code JMG0818 at checkout for the 20% off. 

While you're waiting for it to arrive, if you've got questions about the book, why, I'm the one to ask. ;-)
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Me chatting with fellow Freemason Chris George Zuger on my new book The Coelbren Alphabet, the new Aeon Books reprint of my translation of Gerard Thibault's Academy of the Sword, and just about anything else that comes to mind. Check it out:
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Yet another book of mine to delight the hearts of fans of the Druid Revival...

I've heard the Coelbren described as "Welsh runes," and yes, they look kind of runic. They were invented by Iolo Morganwg -- yes, I also just heard the sudden gasp from the more doctrinaire end of the Celtic Reconstructionist scene -- and used for a while by Welsh bards before the Gorsedd movement succumbed to creeping respectability. A chance discovery on my part -- a reference to a medieval Welsh grammar, the Dosparth Edeyrn Dafod Aur, translated, annotated, and published by Iolo's disciple John Williams ab Ithel in 1856 -- led me to what is apparently the only surviving source on the symbolism and meanings of the Coelbren alphabet, and the result is this book. Divination, symbolism, meditation, scrying -- yep, it's all there. You can order a copy from the publisher here.
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