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I'm sitting at the computer in an unfamiliar apartment crowded with boxes, and Sara's sound asleep two rooms away, which is probably a better choice of activity than mine just now. Around us, East Providence, Rhode Island, is dozing off, and no doubt I'll be doing the same thing too in a bit.

Yes, we've moved to Rhode Island: "that universal haven of the odd, the free, and the dissenting," in H.P. Lovecraft's well-turned phrase. Those who are concerned about global warming, as most of us should be, may want to know that our apartment is 82 feet above sea level, well back from the bluffs along the Seekonk River, so a good long ways above any point that'll face flooding in our lifetimes. We're within a few blocks of a library, a farmer's market, a post office, and an assortment of local businesses, with ample public transit and an assortment of other amenities.

I'll discuss the reasons behind the move in due time. I noted back when we moved to Cumberland, MD, in 2009, though, that we were betting on the Rust Belt; one thing to remember about bets is that sometimes you lose. Many of the things I was hoping to accomplish by that move didn't happen, and certain other things shifted in ways I hadn't expected -- in some cases, mind you, I was pleasantly surprised. So a regrouping and reorientation was called for, and here we are.
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