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One of the plot engines in my about-to-be-released novel The Weird of Hali: Chorazin is a folk song, "The Sleeper in the Hill," that includes certain clues that the characters have to follow to make sense of the mystery hidden beneath Elk Hill in far western New York State. I had no trouble hearing the words and the melody of the song, but my musical chops fall short when it comes to finding the chords. It's a modal melody, and I'm pretty sure it begins and ends with an A minor chord, but beyond that I have no idea. Help from my musically literate readers would be greatly appreciated. Here are the dots: 
The Sleeper in the Hill
Thanks to anyone who can help! 
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 Is it just me, or is the holiday music this year even more vomitous than usual? Every time I go into a store these days, there's some chirpy vocalist (who wouldn't recognize a one-horse open sleigh if it ran her down) simpering about sleigh rides, followed by a choir dipped in sugar syrup caterwauling about an animated snowman in tones that make me dream of blowtorches, followed by -- well, you get the point. Here in Rhode Island, at least, all the older Christmas music seems to have been banished, presumably because its religious content might offend somebody. Um, folks, I'm a Druid, okay? I'd still rather listen to "O Holy Night" and "The First Noel" than to the kind of stickily sweet glurge that's being spattered from the loudspeakers this year. 

Thinking about the difference between the Christmas melodies I appreciate and the ones that make me want to physically tear sound systems apart with my bare hands, I notice a distinct difference in the sound. I may just have to break out my books on Renaissance Pythagorean music theory and see if I can identify a consistent pattern. In the meantime, a merry "Bah, humbug!" to all, and to all composers of holiday glurge, a sound thrashing with one of Krampus' birch rods! 
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