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Weird of Hali: Innsmouth I'm delighted to report that the first novel in my epic fantasy with tentacles, The Weird of Hali, is now available in ebook form and will shortly be available in a new trade paperback edition as well. (Yes, that's the new cover to the left.) 

Epic fantasy with tentacles? You bet. H.P. Lovecraft, who is a large part of the inspiration for this project, mostly has a reputation these days as a horror writer, but he was at least as important as a major figure in American fantasy fiction. I'm a fantasy reader, not a horror buff; the tentacled critters from three whole weeks before the dawn of time that populate Lovecraft's imaginary cosmos always left me feeling delighted and exhilarated, not horrified. The thought of watching Great Cthulhu rise from the sea fills me with the opposite of dread. 

Of course there's another factor at work here. Lovecraft was a hardcore rationalist throughout his adult life, and one of the recurring themes in his fiction is his distaste for occultism. You know the sinister cultists who are running around in Lovecraft stories, invoking the tentacled critters just mentioned, not to mention hanging out with people of other ethnic backgrounds (the horror!) and otherwise violating the sanctity of the status quo?  Er, that's me, basically. Cue the eerie music while I get on my robe and pick up a ritual item or two...

So I wrote the other side of the story, a tale of tentacled critters in which, ahem, the tentacled critters and the human beings who associate with them are the good guys. The bad guys?  A cult of mad rationalists who want to turn all that rhetoric about Man's Conquest of Nature into a bloodspattered reality. (Call of Cthulhu fans can think of them as Delta Green with the xenophobia and hunger for power cranked up to 11.) 

This is the first volume. Volumes 2-6 are already finished and will be appearing in the months immediately ahead. The final volume is half finished as I write, and will be in print within a year -- and yes, before it's all over, Great Cthulhu will rise from the sea...
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Swords Against Cthulhu A heads up to Lovecraftiana fans -- a short story of mine, "The Black Goat's Servant," has just been published in the anthology Swords Against Cthulhu III: A New Dark Age from Rogue Planet Press. Yes, it's a sword-and-sorcery yarn; yes, it's set in a future dark age, after the Great Old Ones resume their briefly interrupted mastery over the planet; it's closer to straight Lovecraft than my Weird of Hali stories, and not connected to them, but it's got sex, violence, eldritch horrors, and a journey across a deindustrial Ohio rather different from the one Trey sunna Gwen visited in Star's Reach. Those interested can pick up a squamous, rugose copy here
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cover of Lovecraftiana magazine ...and just after I got the new installment of The Road to Amalin posted, I fielded an email from Lovecraftiana Magazine, which has just released its Walpurgisnacht 2018 issue. One of the short stories included is a piece of mine titled, as luck would have it, "Walpurgis Night." It's closer to straight-up Lovecraftian spookiness than anything else I've published to date, but readers who are drumming their fingernails (or more rugose and squamous appendages) on the nearest desk waiting for the next Weird of Hali novel to see print might find it worth a read. Copies are available here, and it's currently on a 60% off sale; Yog-Sothoth says check it out. 
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