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Christine Campbell ThompsonIt's midnight, so here we go with a new Magic Monday. The picture is of Christine Hartley, aka Christine Campbell Thompson, Dion Fortune's literary agent (and a significant writer and editor in her own right), and a leading member of Fortune's Fraternity (later Society) of the Inner Light, the most influential magical order in mid-20th century Britain. 

Ask me anything about occultism and I'll do my best to answer it. Any question received by midnight Monday Eastern time will get an answer, though it may be Tuesday sometime before I get to them all.

I've had several people ask about tipping me for answers here, and though I certainly don't require that I won't turn it down. You can use the button below to access my online tip jar. 

With that said, have at it! 

***This Magic Monday is now closed to new questions. See you next week!***

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