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Alan LeoIt's almost midnight, so here we go with a new Magic Monday. The picture is of Alan Leo (real name William Frederick Allan), a prominent British Theosophist and one of the prime movers of the late 19th century revival of astrology. 

Ask me anything about occultism and I'll do my best to answer it. Any question received by midnight Monday Eastern time will get an answer, though it may be Tuesday sometime before I get to them all.

I've had several people ask about tipping me for answers here, and though I certainly don't require that I won't turn it down. You can use the button below to access my online tip jar.

With that said, have at it! 

***This Magic Monday is now closed to new questions. See you next week!***

Business and Magic

Date: 2018-12-03 12:06 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

In one of my shop, business is a bit slow and we have experienced a significant drop in sales over the years.

At one point I thought that the shop was the target of some magical attack as one of our employees left a bit disgruntled.

Geomantic divination indicated that this was not the case as they were many factors involved affecting the shop.

I am also studying LRM. I was wondering whether I could make a spell within the Hermetic tradition to reverse the situation. I have done everything I could imagine to reverse the situation, like re-painting the shop, improved stock, advertisement, better customer relations and so on, but with modest effect.

Any advice?


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